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F3X International - HEALTH, TIME & FINANCIAL FREEDOM               "Lose 8-15 lbs in 8 days!"

Ultimate Fat Burning Kit! Lose 8-15 lbs in 8 days!

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The science behind the products and the Xyngular Ultimate Transformation Package
This regimen is diabetic friendly and caters to people with an active or inactive lifestyle.  After your first 8 days of detox, your body will need healthy carbs for your new lifestyle journey. Please download the post Ignite Regimen.   *Please understand, these packages are only recommended for the first 30 days. YOU WILL NOT BE ORDERING THE ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATION KIT EVERY 30 DAYS. After your 30 days of detox are complete, you will be recommended to maintain your health and weight loss with our Essential Kit system that is just a fraction of your original cost. We have Essential kits that focus on energy, wellness and weight loss management. YOU CAN MAINTAIN YOUR WEIGHT LOSS AND ENERGY NEEDS FOR UNDER $7 A DAY WITH MEMBERSHIP PRICING.






Basic & Customized Ignite Kits!

With the Ignite Kit you are guaranteed to lose 8-15 lbs in 8 days! You will have enough product for 2-3 eight day cycles. The Ignite Kit Contains 1 bulk package of Lean, 1 Accelerate, 1 Cheat Plus, 1 Flush, 1 Xyng, 1 Superfruit Global Blend, 1 Axion & 1 Shaker Bottle. You can also add on to your order your choice of Xypstix, Spryng, Xr2 or an additional bag of Lean for a full 30 day Ignite Kit! Contact your F3X Rep to get the latest in discount pricing!






ooolTransform Yourself into a Fat-burning Machine


 ignite_kit Our F3X support group will make your healthy transformation as easy as possible. The ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATION KIT contains the products you need to complete a one month supply of natural products. Our focus is on Your Complete Ultimate Transformation.  Which requires at least a 60 day commitment, to help you on your path to your Body & Mind destination. We want you to get healthy, lose weight and maintain your success. We are here to help you on your journey each month with the products and the support that you will need. Order yours today to TRANSFORM your body and your business! The ULTIMATE FAT BURNING KIT contains:

  • 2 bulk packages of Lean
  • 1 60 count Accelerate
  • 1 60 count of Xr2
  • 1 60 count of Cheat Plus
  • 1 60 count Flush
  • 1 bottle of Global Blend
  • 1 box of XYNG
  • 1 30 serving canister of XYPSTIX
  • 1 box of Axion
  • 1 box of Spryng Multi-Purpose Energy Beverage
  • 1 Shaker bottle
  • 1 Product Guide/1 guide

The Ultimate Fat Burning Kit is designed to tackle the core area of the body, which is one of the most important areas to stimulate weight loss, restore energy and promote optimal health. *Please understand, these packages are only recommended for the first 30 days. YOU WILL NOT BE ORDERING THE ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATION KIT EVERY 30 DAYS. After your 30 days of detox are complete, you will be recommended to maintain your health and weight loss with our Essential Kit system that is just a fraction of your original cost. We have Essential kits that focus on energy, wellness and weight loss management. YOU CAN MAINTAIN YOUR WEIGHT LOSS AND ENERGY NEEDS FOR UNDER $7 A DAY WITH MEMBERSHIP PRICING. When you become a member you will get this smartphone application to help assist you with the products for you detox regimen!!! Cutting edge technology and preparation is here when you join F3X International! body_transformation_app










Brand New Release of XR2 Rest and Relaxtion!!!

xr2_product_profile_6-23-14 LEARN ABOUT THE PROGRAM BELOW…. LEARN ABOUT EACH PRODUCT IN THE KIT GO HERE Like nuclear fusion occurs in the sun’s core, these products create a synergetic Nutrient Fusion within our bodies, helping us to lose weight and supporting a life that’s simply more healthy and vibrant.

What you can expect:

Short Term

  • Lose 8-15 pounds in the first 8 days alone…
  • Turn your body into a fat burning machine!
  • See your waistline shrink dramatically in only 8 days
  • Learn how to turn your body into a fat burning machine anytime within 24 hours.

Long Term

  • Eat the foods you enjoy and still look the way you want!
  • Lose the weight you want and never gain it back again…
  • Learn how to use mini “Course Corrections” to counteract holidays and binge eating weekends.
  • Reset your body’s “Set Point”.
  • Never diet again!


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Track your inches! Not your punds!

Inches: It’s not a race, its a journey. Please consider that these products are not only a detox but also enhances and build muscle. Muscle weighs heavier than fat per square inch. While 10 pounds of muscles weighs just as much much as 10 lbs of fat, muscle is more dense than fat. So a square inch of muscle weighs more than a square inch of fat. With that in mind, if you fail to monitor your inches and only judge your journey by the scale you are doomed to be frustrated and ultimately fail this program. This is not a weight loss drug and this is not a weight loss race. This is a healthy food supplemental to give you the greatest results you’ve ever had trying to lose weight the healthy way. Please do not compare this to how you lost weight on prescription drugs, fad diets or anything in the past. This is a long term journey to optimal health. For this lifestyle change, please measure and monitor your inches first as a priority. Yes, you are guaranteed to lose 8-15 lbs in 8 days but that is not the end all be all of the program and regimen.

Example: A woman weighing 150 pounds with 19% fat will look much smaller (and be much healthier) than a woman at 150 pounds with 35%-60% fat. They weigh the same, yet the composition is very different. Because muscle is more dense than fat, the person with less fat and more muscle will look smaller but weigh close to the same of their unhealthy counterpart. Please avoid comparing yourselves with others in your weight loss support group. Many people have a different journey and have different needs on the road to better health. These products have proved to work for everyone that follows the regimen, but if one person loses 16 lbs in 8 days and another person lost 8 lbs in 8 days, that is still a healthy journey. Please consider this before getting started. Look at how how long it took for you to gain the fat and unwanted weight. Give the products at least 30-90 days of your commitment to get great results. Please follow the Post Ignite progam and implement carb cycling as outlined in the regimen with your journey immediately after your first 8 days. While it is not a priority, it would also help if you incorporated 20-30 minutes of regular exercise 3-5 times a week to enhance your results. “Eat Well and Be Healthy” F3X TEAM

 Your Metabolism

Most people have a sluggish metabolism. Our bodies have forgotten how to burn fat as a fuel source and the only calories our bodies burn are the calories we eat. On days 1-2, we are forcing your body into a fat burning mode by not eating any carbohydrates and depleting all of the sugars stored in the blood and muscles. When your body kicks into fat-burning mode and starts burning fat the way it is supposed to, you will feel great! You will also notice fewer ups and downs in your energy levels! When our bodies are functioning the way they should be, our body’s best source of energy is fat. Because your body is burning fat, losing 5 or 10 pounds on this system, will seem like 20 pounds lost on other programs because of the inches you lose is from the stored fat around your midsection! The ULTIMATE FAT BURNING SYSTEM is unlike any program you have experienced in your life! Reality Check: We are what we eat! Foods high in sugar and high in fat cause our bodies to store a disproportionate amount of fat in our midsection. The first two days of this program are critical in changing our body’s response to food by controlling our body’s release of insulin. As a consequence, the initial fat loss you experience will come from your midsection.  Hunger
Most people see hunger as a negative thing! Anytime you decrease the calories you eat it is likely that you will feel hungrier than normal. Hunger is by far the most positive thing you can feel because when you are hungry it means you are dipping into the stores of fat on your body. At first your body will be inefficient and consequently the hunger you feel will be a little uncomfortable. Look at it this way, if your goal was to run a marathon and you had never run before you would experience some discomfort when you first started. You would probably even have to start running only a mile (and even that would be challenging!) When you first start forcing your body to burn stored body fat instead of the calories you are bringing in every day it may be a little uncomfortable. The good news is that you are on your way to controlling your hunger instead of letting your hunger control you! (If you keep doing the same thing you have been doing, not only will you not lose weight but you will most likely gain more.)


Before you get started on the ULTIMATE FAT BURNING SYSTEM you will want to do a couple of things to maximize your chance for success and to monitor your progress. Do the following the day before you begin the ULTIMATE FAT BURNING SYSTEM: Take all your measurements before you start the program. As you lose fat and gain muscle tissue sometimes the weight on the scale does not tell the whole story. It is possible to lose inches and not lose weight especially as you get closer to your ideal weight. Take a before picture in something that shows what you currently look like. A picture is worth a 1000 words and is something people can see and relate to as you share it with people over and over again. On this system, your change in appearance will look more drastic than the lbs shown on the scale. You have to remember muscle weighs more than fat and because the FAT BURNING SYSTEM targets your fat and preserves your muscle, the lbs you lose during the IGNITE program are unlike anything you may have lost on any other program. Make sure you have the appropriate food items to follow your program exactly as it is written. Being prepared with the right foods is critical and for many people the difference between success and failure is as simple as having the right foods with them in a small cooler that you can snack on at work or wherever you may be in the course of a day. Make sure you have access to water throughout the day. You should be drinking ½ your body weight in ounces daily. Ex: If you weigh 150 lbs you want to make sure you get in 75 ounces each day. Water is crucial to flush out the toxins your body is releasing as you release fat into your system. Water also plays a critical role in the body burning fat so make sure you drink the recommended amount of water daily. **GET BACK WITH THE PERSON WHO SENT YOU TO THIS SITE FOR IMMEDIATE DISCOUNT PRICING

  • Reality Check:

Due to the high-calorie, nutrient-deficient foods available today, the toxins in our food, water and air supplies, and physical inactivity, our bodies have become sluggish and stuck in a “fat storing mode,” making it very difficult to lose weight. The ULTIMATE FAT BURNING SYSTEM is designed to re-ignite and turbo-charge your metabolism, turning your body into a fat-burning machine! Using the FAT BURNING SYSTEM will change your body’s “Set Point” and eliminate “YoYo” dieting by building your most important fat burning asset: Your lean muscle tissue. YOU must follow this program TO THE LETTER! NO CHEATING. You will see dramatic results by following this protocol! This is a 30 Day Program that will turn your body into a fat burning machine! While on the ULTIMATE FAT BURNING SYSTEM, do not put fruit in your Lean shake. Anytime you put too much fruit in your shakes you might as well have a Coke for breakfast. Fruit does have lots of vitamins and it is “healthy” for you but at the end of the day fruit contains as much or more sugar than a Coke. On the other hand, Super Fruit Global Blend has all the nutrients of 22 super fruits and only has 22 calories per serving. Get in the habit of using 2-4 ounces in one of your Lean shakes daily for optimal health and body weight. In addition, breaking down fat and using it as energy the body is put under an extra stress from the release of toxins from those fat cells. The body needs extra protection from the toxins and free radicals that are released by supplying it with additional antioxidants. There is no better choice to make than Super Fruit Global Blend to supply those antioxidants while keeping the calories low for optimal weight loss. It is absolutely critical to add 2-4 ounces of Super Fruit Global Blend to one of your lean shakes daily for optimal health. Note: Fat burning releases toxins and creates free radicals. Consume 4-6 ounces of  Super Fruit Global Blend each day and take Flush to maintain optimal health. Remember, protein-only days are ESSENTIAL to successfully achieving results with the ULTIMATE FAT BURNING SYSTEM! As Dr. Steven Covey said, “Begin with the end in mind!” Picture your beautiful new body, minus the inches and pounds that you’ll be losing with the ULTIMATE FAT BURNING SYSTEM!

Reality Check:

428050_4595939888822_1702747409_n Whether you are just starting your weight loss journey or feel like you have hit a plateau The ULTIMATE FAT BURNING SYSTEM is your answer. The difference between doing this program 90% or doing it 100% could be the difference between turning your body into a fat burning machine or not. Even a small setback can drastically reduce the results you get in the 8 days…. Give this program a 100% for the next 8 days and you will change your life forever!!!!!!!! Note: Fat burning releases toxins and creates free radicals. Consume 4-6 ounces of  Super Fruit Global Blend each day and take Flush to maintain optimal health. The purpose of days 1-2 is to deplete the carbohydrates in your bloodstream, force your body into a fat-burning mode, shrink your stomach, and regulate your body’s insulin levels. YOU CAN DO THIS! Take it one day at a time and remember that most good things in life involve a bit of adversity, but remember-this is worth it!


Reality Check:

Do not expect big weight loss on day 3. In fact, in some instances you might see a slight weight gain from day 2 because your body will retain the carbohydrates and store them to use as energy. If your body weight stays the same, it means you are actually losing body fat because you are offsetting the carbohydrates that are being stored in the muscle. Even though it is tempting to skimp on the carbohydrates and stick with protein only for lunch you will be hurting yourself in the long run. In order for the body to continue to lose it has to feel comfortable and not feel threatened. On eating days the calories are higher which signals to the body that it is O.K. to give up the stored fat for energy. If you don’t eat your carbohydrates and you keep your calories low, you will slow your metabolism down and put your body into a protective mode. Eat even if you don’t feel like it!!!!   By now, you should feel healthier as your body is detoxifying and flushing out the free radicals! You’re halfway to your new body. Stick to the program and you’ll have your results soon!

Reality Check:

Make sure you aren’t getting complacent and allow extra carbohydrates in on these days. A handful of candy at this point could put a halt to your weight loss and cause your body to slip out of its fat burning mode. It is easy to get complacent when every day you step on the scale and the pounds are flying off! Keep doing the things that got your body on a roll in the first place and you will ensure long term success. Start each day with a Lean shake. A great habit that can help you control your weight for the rest of your life is to start the day with a high-protein breakfast. The Lean shake is a great choice because it contains only 45 calories and will keep you full for 2-3 hours. When you start the day with a high-protein meal, you will have fewer cravings throughout the day, have more energy, and set your body up to be a fat burning machine.

You will be leaner, healthier, and on your way to buy a new swimsuit to show off your lean, toned body! ULTIMATE FAT BURNING SYSTEM!

Reality Check:

Many of us have been taught the wrong things about food our entire lives. Dinner should be the smallest meal of the day and contain mostly protein and vegetables. However, many families make dinner time a social time and use it as an excuse to be the biggest meal of the day. If you are going to bed in a few hours and your body does not need the energy, the excess calories are going to be stored as fat! If you get in the habit of eating a light dinner and sticking to mainly protein you will notice your weight and appearance changing drastically and find it much easier to maintain your ideal weight.

Are you excited by your progress? Can you see your results? Keep up the great work, because there are still pounds toshed and inches to lose;   10426302-tuna-salad

I went from size 12-7 in 8 days.


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